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An opportunist President takes advantage of a bad vaccine to declare war on science, outlawing vaccinations and most scientific research. Suddenly, the country is faced with the resurgence of many diseases thought to be eradicated, including the bubonic plague and no way to cure them. Britton Gravel, a mother and funeral home proprietor is up against the clock to find a cure for the antibiotic-resistant plague, and discover who took her sick son, while dodging government agents who will stop at nothing to repress the truth.

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Take a holiday to Hel and back with this twisted tale of Christmas, and the battle for souls woven into every wreath and scrap of wrapping paper! Something unusual is going on in Santa’s Village; the Naughty and Nice lists are being tampered with, and Santa seems to have more secrets than usual. Hel, the ruler of Helheim, master of Krampus and Death itself, sends a spy to Kris Kringle’s snowy home to uncover the scheme robbing her of souls to torture. 


When the Queen of the underworld discovers the dark deceit unfolding at the North Pole, she puts Santa on her own naughty list—not a good place to be! Unleashing her battalions of demons for a Krampusnacht no one will ever forget, she rejoins a war that stretches back thousands of years. However, nothing is as it seems in these lands of myth and magic, and there may be an even greater villain hiding in the shadows. As December 25th draws near, will the truth be revealed, or will Christmas be cancelled forever?

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The Syn Series portrays a modern relationship from the first date through the hard decisions and compromises, while graphically exploring the intimate side with open and honest dialogue, proving that sex isn't a dirty word.

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I am excited to promote my father's first novella "The Bean Sidhe."

“Bean Sidhe, Gaelic for Banshee, is a spirit whose wailing warns of a death in the house”

Percy thought he had it all figured out; good education, good job, good wife, work hard, play by the rules. But he discovered very late in life that not everyone has read the same rule book. Tired, angry, and bitter, Percy, for the first time in his life, decides he wants to kill someone. Revenge for someone he barely knew. Percy quickly learns that murder isn't as easy as it looks, and keeping the whole mess secret even harder. A funny, gritty look at killing your fellow man.

"Ernest L Canning has crafted a fast-paced, thrilling, and riotous examination of the many ways in which human will is trumped by chance and circumstance. Jovially and cleverly written, THE BEAN SIDHE is a breath of fresh air." ~Neil Czeszejko for IndieReader

Ryan L Canning grew up in a small town in Muskoka, Ontario in an artistic environment. Both parents are avid readers and his father was a woodworker. An appreciation for art and the written word were instilled in Ryan at an early age. He explored many different mediums before finding his niche with costume designing and writing. Ryan L Canning has two self-published novels "Syn" and "Synce..." which he wrote under the pseudonym, R.L. Canning. Ryan has taken the lessons he learned writing the 2 full-length novels and applied them to his thriller novella "The Plague" and horror novella "Hel Takes a Holiday."

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